Following the disruption caused by the pandemic, in order to safely move existing users over to traditional bank accounts or a new Payment Exception Service, Post Office card accounts closure extended until November 2022.
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is writing to all customers who currently receive payment into a POca, telling them the service is ending and encouraging those who are able to open a bank account to do so.
The customers will receive two letters telling them that the POca is coming to an end and advising them that if they are unable to provide a bank account they will have their payments moving to the Payment Exception Service.

The Payment Exception Service is a way for people who do not have a bank account to collect benefits or pension payments. They’re only available in very limited circumstances.

Under the new Payment Exception Service, pensioners and benefit claimants are able to choose how they receive their payments. These methods include the delivery of digital vouchers via:

  • a SMS
  • an email
  • a unique barcode displayed on a mobile phone.

All customers who are migrated to the Payment Exception Service from POca will receive a payment card which they can take to their Post Office branch (or PayPoint retailer) for encashment.


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