Excel / Database support

When you search the Internet for a Bookkeeper or an Accountant image, 80% of those images will display the calculator, either next to a notepad, or a pile of documents, or a computer/a laptop.

No doubt, the calculator is an excellent mobile widget for daily random arithmetics, but it has a few advantages for office workers unless high algebra calculations are required.

EXCEL is a potent tool to work with data: numbers, figures, digits and characters.

Not only does it simple calculus as if you were using a calculator, but also it allows you the following:

  • to move records back and fro, copy-paste blocks of data
  • to create references between different files
  • to cross-check calculations based on formulas
  • to find and remove duplicates
  • to create various reports and charts
  • and to program the repetitive tasks to be automated.

So why should you restrict your ability to BOMAS when the sky is a limit? 

Our Information Technologies serve us to be more efficient and errorless. Human mistakes happen anyway, but we have the power to pinpoint the room for an error by choosing the best tool for our activities.

We provide you with tips and hacks to get to know EXCEL better and befriend it for different purposes.

For e-commerce businesses we happy to offer a hand with cleaning data, analysing it and produce customised reports up to your specific requirements.